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Office Meeting Pods: The Ultimate Break-Out Space

Office Meeting Pods: The Ultimate Break-Out Space

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the latest office interior design trends, you might have heard the terms “work booth”, “break out space” or “work Pod” thrown around quite a lot in recent times.

Whatever you decide to call your office pod, all of these spaces essentially serve the same purpose.

As open-plan offices rise in popularity, never has it been more important to provide quiet zones where staff can focus on important tasks, host meetings and answer phone calls.

From small telephone booths to mini-conference suites, the idea is that your staff have a private place to work, away from the noise and distraction of the office floor.

In this article, we’ll be talking through the ins and outs of office pods. So, if you’ve been toying with the idea of incorporating a break-out space into your commercial office fit-out, read on to find out the benefits.

Office Pods Offer a Quiet Space

According to a study conducted by Future Workplace, 93% of workers reported feeling frustrated at distractions whilst on the phone.

So, if you have to go dashing about your building in search of a quiet space to handle important phone calls, chances are, you could benefit from an office pod. The last thing you want when taking a client call is to be banished to a storage cupboard, or, even worse, a toilet cubicle!

This is where office meeting pods offer the perfect solution. Rather than having to put up with noisy distractions from colleagues, you can take refuge in a soundproofed booth that is designed to keep out distractions.

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How do you ensure that your office pod keeps noise out?

One of the easiest ways to soundproof your pod is with acoustic panels.

These ultra-absorbent panels not only help to reduce unwanted noise from outside the space, but they also dramatically limit the amount of reverb and echo on the inside. Made from thick acoustic foam and upholstered in fabric, they are easy to install and can be applied to both the ceiling and walls.

With a simple soundproofing solution, you’ll never have to put up with noisy colleagues again (well, almost).

Office Pods Support Staff Wellbeing

If you’re planning an office refurbishment in the near future, it’s important to design your space with employee well-being in mind.

Research carried out by HSE highlights that stress, anxiety and depression accounted for around 50% of all work-related illnesses between 2020 and 2021.

It’s statistics like this that show us we need to be doing more to support our staff.

By providing a place to work autonomously, staff can take time out whenever they need a break from the busy office environment. This can be particularly beneficial for staff with anxiety disorders who can find these settings uncomfortable.

If you don’t offer a space for autonomous working, you may find that staff opt to work from home often. And because they’re at home, you may not always have a chance to check in with them and find out how they’re doing.

So, keep a pod space free for your staff. That way, employees will feel less reluctant to come into the office knowing that they have a calming place to de-stress whenever they need to.

Office Pods Offer Comfort

When staff are tied to their desks all day long, aches and pains can start to creep in.

According to the European Society for Safety and Health at work, 3 in 5 workers report having some sort of musculoskeletal disorder. Given that so many staff have to deal with ongoing joint issues, it is crucial to offer comfortable seating that will reduce the likelihood of injury.

The type of seating you provide within your office pod will depend on the primary purpose of the space. For example, if your pods will predominantly be used for independent working then it’s worthwhile investing in ergonomic chairs. These chairs should be stable, fully adjustable and should offer some sort of lumbar support.

If you envision your pods as more of a collaborative space, why not provide sofa-style booth seating? Not only is this type of seating comfortable, but it can also add a contemporary look to your pod space. With the addition of a central table and some stylish pendant lighting, your staff won’t be able to resist hosting meetings in their exciting new space.

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Office Meeting Pods Offer Privacy

Having a private place to escape to within the office is crucial when hosting 1-1s or important meetings. If you’re checking in with a team member and you don’t offer them a quiet corner to catch up in, you run the risk of them withholding information from you.

It’s time to give staff your full attention…

By hosting your 1-1 in an office meeting pod, you’re giving your staff a safe and secure space to air their issues and concerns. Without the worry that they might be overheard or that you might get distracted, they’ll open up and will value feeling listened to.

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Office Meeting Pods Look Great!

The best thing about office pods is that there are endless possibilities when it comes to the design! With office pods, you can play about with shape, size and colour to create something completely bespoke and reflective of your brand.

Nowadays, there are so many different contemporary pod designs to choose from. From quirky igloo-shaped spaces to hexagonal booths with 360 seating, these eye-catching structures add a sense of fun to the workplace so don’t be afraid to get creative!

What Next?

Want to spruce up your space with some stylish office meeting pods? If you’re looking for custom-built quiet booths that look fantastic and offer excellent soundproofing, we can help!

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