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What Makes for a Good Office Fit Out

What Makes for a Good Office Fit Out

Whether you’re aiming to enhance team-working, realign your interior with your company culture or simply refresh an old layout, a commercial office fit-out is a worthwhile investment for the new year. There are plenty of advantages on offer, but what makes a good office fit-out and how do you ensure yours is up to par?


What’s the formula behind a good office fit-out?

As an office fit out company, we know that in order to create an office space that works for you, it’s vital for us to understand your objectives. If you’re looking for a workspace that can support hybrid working with an active social space, or you’d prefer a quiet haven to concentrate, it’s vital information for us to know. The real purpose of your office is the key to identifying the formula for your perfect office fit-out.

As part of our consultation, we prioritise speaking to staff and key members of your company to discover the true requirements and create interiors to support those needs. After all, having a beautiful workspace that you enjoy being in, that also makes your work-life easier, is the essence of a good office fit-out.


What should you avoid?

You might start your office project with a clear idea of what you want based on another office you’ve seen, but it’s important to note that despite inspiration being welcomed, what works for other companies may not work for you.

Part of our process involves testing out features and layouts and evaluating whether they are best for you. Picking an entirely new layout or style without testing it first is something you should avoid. We ensure your new space works for you with rigorous testing through 3D renders and walkthroughs so you can experience your new office before any work is started. Once you’ve committed to a layout and you realise it isn’t working for you, it can be very difficult to reverse it without significant cost and disruption.

Following the latest trends is another thing we encourage you to be mindful about. There are a number of interior design trends that last the test of time and can still look great in years to come. However, there are also many trends that do not age as well. Ensuring whatever you choose, trend or not will work for you in the future just as well as it does now is something we advise. Picking anything for your office that has not been thoughtfully considered is definitely something to avoid.

It’s important to understand the type of office fit-out you desire to avoid any disappointment. We’ve broken down the difference between Cat A and Cat B fit-outs so you can choose what works best for you. There are also plenty of frequently asked questions we come across, so we’ve also included the questions and their answers on our FAQ’s page to help you on your journey.


How do you ensure your fit-out is successful?

Ultimately, a good office fit-out is only successful if it enhances your workspace and supports your company. There’s a plethora of research that shows how interior office design directly affects the productivity and wellbeing of your employees, which is a measurable way to assess how good your workspace is. Are your employees happy? Do they feel invigorated by their workspace? Has your office fit-out met the goals and expectations you set out to meet?

At McFeggan Brown, we believe a good office-fit out is achieved when our clients are excited to return to work each day because of how their environment makes them feel. There are a number of ways a fit-out can be defined as ‘good’ but for us, it’s all about creating an office that is enjoyable to be in.

Interested in an office fit-out or refurbishment? Take a look at our case studies to see the fit-out projects we have completed and get in touch with us today. Why not also check out our recent blog on office fit out trends for 2022 which touches on smart and transformable offices, sustainability and collaboration spaces?