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Working Healthy Eating Into The Office

Working Healthy Eating Into The Office
Looming deadlines, client meetings, relentless admin – we’ve all been there. When work starts to pile up, it can be tempting to scoff down a sausage roll or microwave a ready meal. Whilst the occasional carb-heavy meal is unlikely to do too much harm, making unhealthy food choices on a regular basis can have a major impact on cognitive performance, leaving employees feeling sluggish and unmotivated.
If you’re planning an office fit out, there are many ways to encourage healthy eating. With the right office design choices, you can inspire employees to go for healthier, more nutritious options that will give them the energy they need to remain productive throughout the course of the day. So, if you want to change your team’s habits and improve concentration, keep on reading.

Create a Space That Prioritises Employee Well-being

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or a tea break, providing a suitable kitchen/dining area is fundamental to the well-being of your staff. If your kitchen area is too cramped or doesn’t have adequate seating, employees will be more inclined to rush mealtimes or, even worse, skip meals entirely, in favour of a cereal bar at their desk.
When designing your kitchen area, ensure there is plenty of room for employees to move around freely so your staff aren’t getting in each other’s way. A clear and clutter-free worktop with a sink and some handy appliances is all that you need.
For the dining space, ensure that there are enough comfortable tables and chairs so that employees can dine together and take time to enjoy their food. Employees will feel rested and revitalised by not rushing before heading back into the office.

Grab-able Healthy Drinks & Snacks

Whilst we have mentioned that it is important for employees to make time for their meals, we do understand that, on busier days, staff might need to grab a quick snack to refuel in between meetings. A fruit bowl in the office is a great way to get your team to eat their five a day. By keeping it replenished regularly, with lots of tasty fresh fruits to choose from, employees will be less likely to reach for a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps.
Along with snacks, it is important to ensure that your staff stay hydrated. Proper hydration will prevent headaches and reduce fatigue so your team can concentrate better. Providing a water cooler or dispenser in the office and kitchen is the perfect solution. Plus, because it won’t cost them anything, staff are more likely to avoid sugary fizzy drinks!
If your staff are big tea drinkers, consider filling some glass storage jars with a range of caffeine-free herbal teas. That way, employees can enjoy a hot beverage and quench their thirst without the dreaded caffeine crash.

Bring The Outside In

In recent times, you may have noticed more and more companies making the most of biophilic design. Adding plants and more natural-looking design elements into your kitchen/dining area can help reduce stress and improve employee well-being. When it comes to mealtimes, eating in an environment that “looks and feels healthy” can have a profound psychological effect.
With the addition of greenery and natural design features, staff will feel more inclined to pick healthier food options. So why not extend your greenery to the walls and ceiling? There are so many ways to incorporate biophilia into your office kitchen, so why not get inspired for your next commercial office fit-out by taking a look at our biophilic design blog?

Healthy Food Art

So, we’ve looked at how kitchen layout and biophilic design can help to promote healthy eating, but why not go one step further and add some healthy food art to the walls? Food art doesn’t need to be boring, there are many artists that create vibrant, contemporary illustrations of fruit bowls and vegetables, which you can use to make a statement and liven up your space.
And you don’t have to stick to a canvas or frame!  
Wall decals are another great way to encourage healthy eating. You might opt for a healthy quote or some simple line illustrations that will inspire your staff to eat well. Think bold, modern graphics showcasing bowls of noodles, lemon slices or salads…

Healthy Team Lunches

Lastly, what better way to encourage healthy eating than by organising a healthy team lunch?

Team lunches help to improve productivity and team bonding whilst encouraging staff members to try new foods and share new recipes. First, get all the team involved by asking them to vote on a cuisine. Once the cuisine has been chosen, ask each team member to prepare a healthy dish of their choice that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Why not make it a regular event? Your healthy team lunch can take place every week, month or quarter, depending on your team’s commitments. By giving your staff members the responsibility of preparing a dish for everyone, they will get into the habit of making healthy meals on a regular basis. If staff are feeling uninspired or unsure of what to make, you could even host workshops where your team can learn how to get creative with no-cook lunch options such as salads or sushi dishes.

What Next?

Now that you’ve read through our handy tips and tricks for working healthy eating in the office, why not find out how we can help you transform your office and kitchen into a space that inspires your employees to make smart food decisions? From interiors to layouts and furniture, we can help you create an office environment that puts employee well-being first so that you can become a fitter and healthier workforce.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.