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Four Things to Consider When Designing an Office Kitchenette

Four Things to Consider When Designing an Office Kitchenette

In some of our recent articles, we’ve spoken about the importance of offering flexible working spaces and break out areas so that staff can have the freedom to choose where they work and where they relax. A kitchenette is no exception.

With a well-designed office kitchenette, employees can take time to unwind and eat meals away from their desks or use it as a meeting space to collaborate with colleagues and discuss new ideas. If you’re looking for some kitchen inspiration for your office fit out or want to know how to make the most out of your existing office kitchen area, read on to find out more.

Make Sure it’s Comfortable

It’s no surprise that many workers value their daily lunch break. In fact, according to a recent study, nearly half of workers admit that a proper lunch break helps them to feel motivated in their job. But how do you encourage employees to log out of their emails, move away from their desks and head over to the kitchen area for a well deserved lunch break? The first thing to consider is comfort.

When designing your kitchenette, it’s important to provide a suitable place to sit and eat. Comfortable seating and spacious tables will allow your employees to take time to eat their lunch so that they can eat mindfully without feeling rushed. Remember, your kitchen seating area needs to be accessible to all. A countertop with bar stools is a great solution for a quick snack in the morning, but this might not suit all employees. Staff with mobility issues or joint pain will need low down seating with proper back support, so offer a choice of seats and tables to ensure that all employees feel comfortable.

Save Money & Eat Well

An on-site kitchenette allows your employees to enjoy packed lunches and pre-prepared meals, so they aren’t wasting money on meal deals. To encourage healthy choices, why not offer your staff fresh fruit? According to research carried out by Fruitful Office, the offer of free fruit can help staff to change their eating habits. After conducting the study, not only did they find that staff were eating more fruit, but they also found that many of the participants were opting for healthier snacks and lunch choices. Place a fruit bowl in the kitchen as well as the office to deter staff from buying sugary snacks.

Do Your Bit for The Environment

If you’re looking to incorporate a kitchenette into your new commercial office fit out, making smart, sustainable office design choices can help reduce your environmental impact. The right choice of materials combined with energy-efficient lighting and appliances will make your kitchenette more environmentally friendly whilst also making it last longer.

In larger offices, there can be a large amount of waste, so it’s important to ensure that you offer suitable recycling bins. Getting staff into the habit of adequately disposing of their waste will not only help the planet but will also help your team to think differently about their environmental impact. If you’d like to find out how to correctly sort and dispose of your company’s commercial waste, check out the government website.

Say no to single-use coffee cups.

We know it can be hard for employees to resist a cappuccino on the go but what many don’t realise is that, whilst some independent coffee shops are doing their bit to try and be more sustainable, only one in four hundred takeaway coffee cups actually get recycled. To encourage staff to make better choices, offer reusable mugs and a range of tea and coffee options so that staff can save money and enjoy their favourite beverages without the unnecessary waste.

Get Playful With The Design

In one of our recent articles, we spoke about how your kitchen colour scheme can impact staff meal choices. But, why stop at colour schemes? From textures and patterns to artwork and company branding, when it comes to designing your kitchenette, you can really get creative. For example, if your space is small, why not use vertical tiles to create the illusion of a wider space. Similarly, you can use reflective surfaces and open shelving to make a statement and help the space feel bigger.

If you want to liven up a dull kitchen space but prefer more neutral tones on the walls, why not go for a colourful lamp shade. Bright, bold shades are a great way to inject some colour without committing to anything permanent.

What Next?

Hopefully, we’ve got you thinking about some of the things you might want to incorporate into your office kitchenette design. If you’re looking to renovate your pre-existing kitchenette or would like us to help you design an entirely new kitchen and dining area, get in touch with us today.