6 Furniture Ideas to Inspire Your Office Fit Out

6 Furniture Ideas to Inspire Your Office Fit Out

You’ve prepared your walls, chosen your flooring and planned your partitions and now it’s time for the fun part – filling your space.

When refurbishing your office, it’s important to choose furniture that provides comfort, functionality and convenience. With the right furniture choices, you can create a more productive office environment whilst making the space your own.

Need some help getting started?

If you’re planning to transform your office and would like some inspiration, take a look through our top 5 furniture ideas to inspire your office fit out.

1. Fit Out Your Space With Comfortable Office Seating

In the modern office environment, comfort is key. With remote and hybrid working on the rise, never has it been more important to offer your staff a range of comfortable working spaces.

When working from home, staff don’t need to stay glued to their desks and can just as easily switch over to their sofa when they get tired of working in one place. So, if you’re planning an commercial office fit out, think about ways that you can offer your staff the same flexibility when they enter into the office space.

For tasks that require greater concentration, consider the addition of quiet booths with soft seating and soundproof panelling where staff can escape distractions and maintain focus.

When it comes to your booth seating construction, there are a range of styles to choose from.

For maximum durability and ergonomic support, opt for pocket-sprung seating which is both long-lasting and provides excellent support for the joints.

If you’re after a softer style seat, foam is your friend. Foam seats are both comfortable yet practical however it’s important to choose wisely. Cheaper foam options can break down quicker over time so this is something to be mindful of when placing foam seats in high-traffic areas.

How about an office sofa?

For seating to suit more relaxed activities such as casual meetings and simple admin tasks, why not provide a simple yet stylish sofa.

From contemporary modular styles that encourage collaboration to classic 3 seaters, sofas are a great way to make staff feel at home. Accessorise with colourful scatter cushions and a cosy throw to inject some personality and make your space more inviting.

2. Create a More Eco-Friendly Office with Sustainable Furniture

As people awaken to the reality of climate change, it’s no wonder that staff are growing more concerned about the impact they may have on the environment.

In fact, a survey conducted by Unily involving two thousand UK office workers found that over half of all respondents would be more inclined to work for a company that had a “strong environmental policy”.

To reduce your environmental impact, why not consider incorporating some sustainable furniture options into your company office design?

There has been a huge increase in the number of green office furniture manufacturing companies cropping up around the UK. Many of these companies offer desks, chairs and meeting tables made from recyclable and renewable materials that are hard-wearing and good for the planet.

But what should you look for when buying sustainable office furniture?

Choosing a green manufacturer that talks the talk AND walks the walk is essential. So consider the following questions before committing to a purchase:

Material source: Are the products on offer made from FSC-certified wood or recycled natural materials?

Product Design: How are the products made? Is the company making an effort to reduce carbon emissions during the manufacturing process?

Product Shipment: Does the company offer sustainable shipping methods and package products responsibly?

Being aware of a manufacturer’s sustainability policy will help you make a more informed decision so don’t forget to do your research!

3. Make The Most of Office Storage Solutions

As we head further into the digital age, we are fortunate enough to have computers that can be used to store important files and documents. In spite of this, most offices still have supplies and stationery that they need to keep organised and out of the way.

In order to keep workspaces clear and clutter at bay, one of the best things you can do is invest in a solid storage unit. With a quality storage unit, messy paperwork and unsightly office supplies can be hidden behind sleek-looking doors while open shelves can be used to display trinkets and decorative items.

If your office is on the smaller size, why not opt for a bespoke floating cabinet? By installing your cabinet higher up, you will preserve valuable floor space and keep your office looking clean and tidy. Just make sure your cabinet is within easy reach. You don’t want staff injuring themselves by climbing up onto tables and chairs!

4. Prioritise Privacy and Style With Quality Office Blinds

Whether you’re looking to hide precious equipment or simply want to create a private space for confidential meetings, office blinds are an absolute must-have.

Unlike curtains, blinds are cheap to install and maintain making them the perfect choice for the office environment.

If you’re not a fan of the traditional vertical style, why not smarten up your space with a simple roller or stylish Venetian blind? Not only will these blinds give a more contemporary look to your office, but they’re also a great way to block out glare when you’re using a projector to display presentations.

When choosing your blinds, take time to consider different fabric types. If your office has a lot of windows, you might want to think about investing in a UV protection fabric which will block out harmful rays and keep your staff safe while working.

If energy saving is a key concern, consider lined shades with thermal properties that will regulate temperature and reduce your spend on costly combined air conditioning units.

5.Brighten Up Your Office with Free Standing Floor Lamps

It’s no secret that office lighting has a huge impact on employee well-being. The right lighting choices can really affect the mood and ambience of your office space, which can in turn help to boost staff morale and increase concentration levels.

But why stick to ceiling lights when you can make a statement with a stunning floor lamp?

When it comes to contemporary office design, nothing screams ‘grown-up office space’ more than a stylish free-standing lamp.

Unlike the traditional ceiling light, floor lamps allow you to quickly play around with shades, bulbs and dimmer settings so that you can switch up your lighting style whenever it suits you!

If you decide to opt for a floor lamp as an alternative to desk-level task lighting, choose one that offers a hinge or swivel function so you can easily adjust the angle and height.

What Next?

If our office furniture ideas have got you thinking about your next office fit-out project, why not get in touch? At McFeggan Brown, we offer bespoke office fit-out solutions that reflect your business goals and enable staff to flourish.

From decor to lighting, electrical fittings and furnishings, we offer a complete package that can be tailored to suit your budget and time frame. Check out our latest case studies here.

Still looking for inspiration? Take a look at these 18 office design ideas that will transform your workspace.

Why Your Office Interior Matters

Why Your Office Interior Matters

Securing a shiny new office space is exciting for any business but if your office interior design doesn’t inspire your staff, you might need to make some changes.

From wall colours to lighting, to furniture and signage, there are many components that make your office unique. Get it wrong and you run the risk of a lacklustre workforce. Get it right and you’ll have a motivated workforce to help your company prosper.

Want to know why your office interior really matters? Read on to find out more.

Your Office Design Represents Your Business

JC office design

The key thing to remember when planning your office fit out is that your decor has got to represent your business! If you don’t feel proud of your office, just imagine what your clients will think when they step into your space.

A strong office interior can act as an extension of your marketing. If a prospective client walks into your office and sees clear company branding, tasteful decor and a thriving workforce, then you’ve instantly increased your chance of making a sale.

At the end of the day, your commercial office fit out is an opportunity to showcase what your business does best.  

So, if you’re a graphic design company why not create something bespoke for the walls? An eye-catching mural is sure to capture your client’s attention.

Perhaps your business is all about sustainability and helping the environment? If that’s the case, show that you’re serious about what you do by adding plenty of greenery and sustainable design features.

Your Office Colours Influence Staff Mood and Behaviour

why your office design matters

Your office colour scheme may be affecting your staff more than you realise.

The right choice of colours can boost morale, inspire creativity and lower stress levels while the wrong choice of colours can inhibit productivity and make it harder for staff to focus.

To ensure that you’re making the most out of your colour scheme, it’s important to use colour carefully. So before committing to a colour palette, think about what you want to achieve.

If your staff are struggling to stay alert, consider pops of bright, bold colours such as orange and red. These colours have been found to have a greater effect on attention levels when compared with cooler colours such as brown and grey.

If you want your colour scheme to have a calming effect, why not add some green tones to your office? According to a study published by the Natural Library of Medicine, a green environment has been shown to significantly reduce heart rate, helping individuals to relax.

Bear in mind that your colours need to complement each other when used within the same space.

If your office is small, it’s best to stick to one colour scheme throughout to avoid unsightly colour clashes. If you have the luxury of a larger space, you have the opportunity to create colour schemes for different workspace zones.

Just be mindful of your colour placement, what might be suitable for one room might not work for another.

Your Office Furniture Impacts Upon Staff Wellbeing

dark and sleek office design

According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, “up to 60% of the adult population can expect to have low back pain at some time in their life.”

When you consider the fact that most people spend up to seven hours a day sitting, it is essential that you offer your staff safe and comfortable seating that promotes good posture and reduces the risk of injury.

But what makes good ergonomic seating?

In an ideal world, each staff member would have an ergonomic chair specifically designed to suit them but, for most companies, this is simply unrealistic. As an alternative, it’s best to find chairs that are fully adjustable with attachments so that each staff member can set them at a height and position they find comfortable.  

And don’t forget your desks!

Some of your staff members may not want to sit at all. To give your staff a break from sitting, consider offering standing desks or desktop risers which will give them more flexibility. The simple act of switching from a seated to a standing position can be all that is needed to increase energy levels and reduce tiredness.

Your Office Lighting Affects Staff Happiness

unique office lighting

If there’s one interior design element that has the power to totally transform your workplace, it has to be the lighting.

A report published by City University London highlighted that “lighting solutions tailored to the individual needs of workers have considerable potential for enhancing employees’ work satisfaction and enhancing retention.”

So, why aren’t we doing more?

In large open-plan offices, it can be tricky to provide lighting that suits every individual’s needs.

As a bare minimum, you should be considering different lighting styles to suit the types of tasks that your staff will be undertaking. It’s no surprise that areas dedicated to more detailed work will require a greater amount of light than those used for relaxation. So think about the purpose of your space before making your lighting choices.

If you want to give your staff more control over their space, why not consider the addition of dimmable lights within smaller meeting nooks and break-out rooms?

LED dimmable downlights are the perfect choice for quiet break-out spaces as they allow the user to adjust the amount of light to a level that suits them.

Installing these lights in independent working spaces gives staff the freedom to change the light settings as much as they desire without affecting other employees.

Your Office Interior Should Give Staff Flexibility

pool table for office games room

The office of today is more than just a place to work. Modern office design should prioritise a work-life balance and, in order to achieve that, you need to offer spaces for staff to relax and unwind.

When planning your office interior, talk to your staff and find out what they’d like to see in their ideal workspace. Perhaps your team would like a space to exercise or a games area where they can let off steam and socialise with their colleagues?

By providing suitable spaces to de-stress and engage in other activities, staff will not only feel valued but they’ll also feel refreshed and ready to take on important tasks when returning to their desks, this can all lead to higher employee retention rate.

What Next?

If your office interior could do with a little TLC, why not see our design checklist or speak to our design experts? At Mcfeggan Brown, we can help you to transform your office into an exciting, contemporary workspace that suits the needs of your business. Contact us today: 01275 464 220

Lab Design Checklist For Fitting Out Your New Laboratory


Lab Design Checklist For Fitting Out Your New Laboratory

The demand for life science and tech buildings is steadily growing. It is set to continue as advancements in medicine and research investments surge. The need is for more support spaces and better-designed laboratories. 

However, in many buildings, there is so much to consider when relocating or refurbishing a lab with base building elements, such as central systems, vacuum lines, and essential M&E services. 

So, how do you create a laboratory that meets your design requirements? We have you covered with our lab design checklist!


Entry Level Laboratory Fit-Out

This fit-out specification might include:  

  • Lighting – standard spec
  • Plumbing – for any lab sinks
  • Drainage
  • Standard spec flooring
  • Decorations
  • Power & Data points
  • Basic Lab Furniture


Medium Level Laboratory Fit-Out

This fit-out specification might include:  

  • Air conditioning
  • Specialist Lighting 
  • Plumbing – including provision for laboratory gases such as acetylene, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, or CO2
  • Drainage
  • Chemically resistant, easy clean flooring with coving to perimeter.
  • Power & Data points
  • Full design for Lab Furniture – worktop supported on metal framework, with roll under storage to meet the requirements for GLP, and to allow flexibility
  • Chemical extraction arms
  • Fume cupboards and associated extraction, together with a provision for make-up air


Top Level Laboratory Fit-Out

This fit-out specification might include:  

  • Full HVAC design – holistic approach to laboratory ventilation and temperature control
  • Specialist lighting 
  • Plumbing – including provision for laboratory gases such as acetylene, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, or CO2
  • Drainage
  • Chemically resistant, easy clean flooring with coving to the perimeter.
  • Power & Data points
  • Full design for Lab Furniture – worktop supported on metal framework, with roll under storage to meet the requirements for GLP, and to allow flexibility
  • Chemical extraction arms
  • Fume cupboards and associated extraction, together with a provision for make-up air

Once you have an idea of the specification you need, you’ll find the building that is suited to you (if you don’t have a building already!). Before moving too fast, ensure that your lease allows you to make any necessary adjustments. You don’t want any problems on your hands! 

Rest assured, here at Kastner Lab, we know what is involved in addition to this lab design checklist, so drop us your enquiry and we will get your lab sorted.