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Why Should You Convert Your Warehouse Into Office Space?

Why Should You Convert Your Warehouse Into Office Space?

In the last year, COVID-19 has impacted so many businesses and some have been left with empty warehouse space as a result. Converting your warehouse into an office space may seem like a big task or even a crazy idea, but by investing in a modern office design and office fit out services you reap significant benefits.

Converting a warehouse into an office workspace may seem like a time-consuming task at first, but you will quickly discover that the benefits far outweigh the costs. It is also an exercise in creativity and in the end, will provide you with an open, spacious, well-lit office with high ceilings and an original feel.

Over the last few years, more and more businesses have realised the benefits of warehouse conversion for customisable office space. Now more than ever, the extra space per person and long-term savings are a great reason to consider converting a warehouse.


Warehouse pricing is a lot more economical in the long run than purpose-built office hire. Even if you are able to buy office space outright, it is much harder to expand as your company grows. With the current increase in people working from home, it is important to cut office costs where possible, whilst making offices inviting and an enjoyable place to work.

If you find your warehouse is too large for your current needs, you could look at renting out the unused space for extra income until it is time for your business to expand.


Customisable space specific to your needs

When it comes to an commercial office fit out, warehouses are blank canvases and the simple open floor plans are easier to modify than standard office buildings. With proper office space planning, you can create a workspace that is best for your company and employees. It is very important to have a concept or plan for your space and stick with it from the initial ideas stage, all the way to office furnishing your office fit out.

With all the extra space and height to work with, you can decide on what is most important for your employees and their productivity. To maximise employee satisfaction and to create a space that people want to work in, speak with your team and find out what priorities they have for office space and factor these into the plans where possible.

Different to the everyday office

Converting a warehouse to an office offers an interesting framework to plan your space around. The architecture is more original and many people are drawn to older buildings that may have a historical background. Having a creative office design can have positive impacts on potential employees, business partners and any other visitors. Warehouse offices are increasingly becoming more sought after and as a trend they are here to stay and even grow in popularity.


Opportunity for natural light

When we think of a warehouse, we often have a stereotypical image in our heads –  dark, industrial and without natural light. But the opportunities for space and customisation mean it is easier for windows to be installed.

Increasing natural light in an office gives a proven boost to employee well being. Not only this but you can also save on energy costs by using natural lighting only when possible.

Extra space and high ceilings

When converting a warehouse into a beautifully designed office space, you will benefit from lots of floor space and high ceilings. This gives you extra room to work with when it comes to designing your space and even the potential for extra floors if you have enough ceiling height.

A large building space will also be beneficial if your business needs to regularly handle deliveries. The extra space you can get from a warehouse conversion is especially beneficial for growing businesses as it will make expanding much easier.


Warehouses are usually located on the outskirts of busy towns and cities meaning traffic issues during the commute can be reduced in comparison to working within the city. There will still likely be good public transport networks too.

Additionally,  warehouses are much more likely to have areas for employee parking, something that can be hard to come by with inner-city offices where parking can be expensive enough to put employees off.

If you need advice on your warehouse to office conversion or any other office design project speak to one of the team at McFeggan Brown today. We can help with any office fit out and refurbishment in Bristol and a vicinity.