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Office Air Conditioning Wars: The Battle Of Hot & Cold

Office Air Conditioning Wars: The Battle Of Hot & Cold

We have previously discussed how your office interior design can have a profound effect on productivity. But did you know the temperature of your workplace can have a significant effect on your wellbeing as well as the quality of work you produce?

The battle between those that run hot and those that run cold is one I’m sure many office dwellers are familiar with. With the increase in the frequency of heatwaves across the UK, the need for temperature control in the workplace or designed in your next office fit out service is only going to become more essential.

In the office, temperature disputes can be a difficult situation to manage, especially as it all relies on personal preference. The official government guidelines suggest that while there are no general rules for precise temperature, they do advise that the temperature needs to be ‘reasonable’.

Research has shown that office workers feel less productive when they feel too hot or too cold and this can even contribute to more errors in their work. Not to mention, arguing with colleagues can create an unhappy atmosphere and negatively affect workplace morale.

Getting hot under the collar or feel like you’ve got cold feet? Here are our top tips for staying comfortable in the office:

How to stay cool in the office:

– Install reflective blinds to protect people from direct sunlight.

– Ensure there are water coolers or availability of cold drinks.

– Get an air conditioning unit fitted.

– Encourage regular rest breaks to step away from workstations and get fresh air.

– Consider allowing flexible hours so employees can avoid spikes in temperature during the day.

– Make special arrangements for those that are more sensitive to heat, especially pregnant women who are more susceptible to overheating.

– Are you on the top floor? Heat rises so consider moving to a lower level if possible.

How to stay warm in the office:

– Consider your clothing – could you wear more layers? Could you bring an extra jumper in case you get chilly?

– Opt for warm drinks over cold.

– Turn on heating if necessary.

– Check your workplace for drafts and see whether repairs or replacements can be made to stop cold air from sneaking in.

– Get up and move about! Staying active can help with circulation and get the blood-pumping.

– In desperate situations, hand warmers and hot water bottles should help warm you up.


Above all, the most important piece of advice when dealing with a temperature disagreement is to communicate!

If you’re uncomfortable the best thing you can do is talk to your colleagues so you can come to a compromise where everyone is happy. No one wants to be uncomfortable in the workplace so don’t suffer in silence.

There are several other benefits to investing in an air conditioning system, including solving other common issues such as poor air quality and energy efficiency.

We can work with you to create an office design that helps your employees stay comfortable no matter the weather. We offer air conditioning and heating services for all your needs. Whether you’re relocating to new offices or would like to refresh your current working space with a new commercial fit out, we have the expert design knowledge you need!

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