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5 Ways to Elevate Your Space with Office Wall Art

office wall art

Office wall art is one of the simplest ways to upgrade your workspace and add a touch of character. When paired with elegant office furniture and carefully placed lighting, it helps to create a vibrant and cheerful environment that fosters creativity, productivity, and overall well-being. 

Whether you prefer bold abstract prints, calming landscapes, or motivational quotes, office art offers endless possibilities to personalise your space and express your unique style.

Why Should You Invest in Wall Art for Your Office?

Planning an office fit out or want to enhance your existing space? Wall art can help to tie your design scheme together and create a cohesive look that reflects your brand’s identity and values. By showing off your personality, you can create a fun and inspiring space for staff while leaving a lasting impression on visiting clients.

So, how can you make the most out of your office artwork?

Here are 5 office wall art ideas that will transform your space:

1. Add an Abstract Canvas to Modernise Your Workplace

If an office refurbishment is on the cards, abstract art is a great way to complement a contemporary design scheme.

Pioneered by artists like Kandinsky and Mondrian, abstract expressionism emerged in the early 20th century, placing emphasis on the emotional impact of shapes, colours, lines, and textures.

To pick the best abstract art for your space, consider the lines of your desks, the curvature of your chairs, and the shapes of your light fittings. By opting for large geometric shapes or free-flowing line work, you can mimic shapes from your furniture to create a multi-dimensional space that feels both unified and expressive.

office wall art

2. Be Bold with Branded Decals

Branded decals are a simple yet effective way to reinforce your brand identity and create a sense of belonging among employees.

These versatile vinyl stickers can be applied to walls, windows, doors, or even furniture, adding a touch of personality and professionalism to your office.

Decals can feature your company logo, slogan, or even your mission statement, serving as a constant reminder of your company’s values and goals. They can also be used to create visually appealing patterns or designs that complement your overall aesthetic. 

Consider using a series of decals to create a dynamic and engaging wall mural. Or, apply them to glass partitions to create privacy while still allowing natural light to filter through.

3. Enjoy the Versatility of Picture-Perfect Prints

If you’ve not quite got the budget for an original Monet or Rembrandt, prints are the perfect alternative!

Prints are an affordable and versatile way to bring museum-quality art into your workspace. With a vast array of styles, subjects, and sizes available, you can easily find designs that align with your brand’s aesthetic and resonate with your employees and clients.

From classic masterpieces to contemporary photography, there are endless possibilities. Create a gallery wall showcasing a curated collection of prints, or make a bold statement with a single large-scale piece.

4. Add Motivational Wall Art to Uplift Your Employees

According to data published by TeamStage, motivated staff are almost 90% less likely to leave a job. So, if you want to retain your staff, motivational messaging is a must-have!

Motivational wall art can take many forms, from inspirational quotes and uplifting imagery to scenes depicting teamwork and success. By strategically placing motivational art throughout your office, you can send a positive message to your employees and help them stay focused and inspired throughout the workday.

branded wall art

Consider placing prints in common areas like break rooms or hallways, where they can be seen and appreciated by everyone. 

You can also add motivational artwork to individual workstations or meeting rooms to create a more personalised and uplifting feel.

4. Use Biophilic Elements to Create a Feature Wall

If you’ve been following us for a while now, you’ll know that we’re big fans of office plants

But why limit your office greenery to a few plant pots, when you can go all out and create a stunning feature wall with biophilic elements?

A biophilic feature wall can be a show-stopping focal point that instantly transforms your workspace into a calm and inspiring oasis. Go for a low-maintenance artificial plant selection, or opt for pre-grown panels or pocket systems, which are designed to house real plants.

biofillic wall art

Ready to Transform Your Tired Workspace? 

If you’re looking to inject some personality into your place of work but aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with our design experts. We’ll work with you to design a brand-centred office space that reflects your company values and empowers staff to reach their full potential. 

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