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Considerations for Effective Reception Area Design

Office design

A well-designed reception area is very important as it is part of the first impression that your business gives. It is important that a reception space is well designed so it looks appealing and is also functional, increasing direct enquiries and keep the business running smoothly.


As the face of your company, the reception area should represent your brand and service professionally. Reception desks can feature the company’s logo on the backdrop or on the front surface of the counter. Regardless of placement, the brand name should be clear and prominent, ensuring it is the first thing visitors notice and is a good way to introduce your branding as cohesive and professional.


Screens & Desks

You’ll need to add screens to your reception desks to protect your staff. If you have multiple front-of-house staff, you might also need to add additional screens between them or put up partitions. These can be quickly installed with little disruption to your work processes and glass, acrylic and perspex office screens are all good options available to you.

You could also look at separating your staff by introducing smaller modular reception desks. If you have a small reception area with a large front desk, you could consider replacing it with a smaller desk to increase functional space.



To make navigation easier to visitors to your office install clear signage and directional markers. If your office space is large, consider placing a map or floor plan near the reception desk for easy visibility by guests.



It’s important to make the right impression and for your guests to feel comfortable and welcome. Reception areas come in all shapes, sizes and styles depending on the type of business and brand image. Before deciding on your decoration, you’ll want to ask yourself a few key questions:


  • What impression would you like to make? – Inviting? Professional? Modern?
  • Does your reception area make your clients feel comfortable and welcome?
  • What do you need your reception area to do in terms of functionality?


Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be able to move onto the next step – designing your reception area.


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