AMS Nuclear

Project Details
12,000 sqft
Start Date
November 2020
12 weeks
Project Brief

As the growth of the company expanded, their existing building was unable to cater for the large developments that AMS Nuclear has ahead so 1604-5 Bridgwater Gateway proved to be the very building that was needed. Being a newly built property with no use, it was a perfect shell to create a design that will not only serve the purpose but will achieve a facility that the staff feel proud to work in. The design McFeggan Brown created for AMS was in line with CAT A space with the expansion of an existing mezzanine for extra office space. The result achieved was an office accommodation of 18, 4 individual offices, a conference room, and 2 kitchen breakout spaces. Not only was there office space established, the 2 separate warehouses were also knocked through it to create over 9,000 sqft of state-of-the-art engineering and workshop facility.

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Project Portfolio

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