Baltimore Consulting Ltd

Project Details
5,186 sqft
Start Date
April 2023
10 weeks
Project Brief

Baltimore Consulting, a Bristol-based firm established in 2013, is known for making a positive impact on people’s lives in the community through recruitment.

Having previously worked with McFeggan Brown for a fit out in their Prince Street Office, Baltimore needed a new space on the 17th floor of Castlemead to accommodate their expanding business. This location held significance for the company as it was where many team members initially began their work.

The design of the space focused on creating an impressive reception area and training facility, showcasing the company’s numerous awards and highlighting their success. A tiered seating area with state-of-the-art audiovisual facilities was incorporated to enable staff members to participate in large company meetings from any location. The stage area was strategically positioned to face the seating area for presentations.

Adjacent to the seating area, a breakout facility was included to encourage team collaboration and provide areas for individuals to work quietly. This facility featured booths and a comfortable sofa area. The fully equipped kitchen was designed to facilitate communal meals and beverage preparation. It included features such as boiling water taps, three microwaves, integrated fridges and freezers, as well as a showcase champagne fridge for special celebrations.

Overall, the fit-out of Baltimore Consulting’s space on the 17th floor of Castlemead aimed to create a functional and impressive environment that supports their business expansion and fosters collaboration and engagement among their employees.

Project Portfolio

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