McFeggan Brown

Project Details
2,000 sqft
Start Date
September 2022
8 weeks
Project Brief

During the pandemic, McFeggan Brown bucked a trend and continued to expand, outgrowing our previous premises in Backwell. This made the hard decision to move away, into a more prominent location in Aztec West in 2022. The new building is a huge showcase for us as the space has been designed to support staff in all aspects of their work, incorporating all 10 aspects of the WELL standard on our journey to achieve WELL Building certification.

With the installation and fit out of a new mezzanine floor, we now have workstation areas with prominent positions next to the natural light. Collaboration spaces are set where teams can interact with each other. Huge tables are used to layout samples and bring together schemes, while all of the team can walk by, watch and understand how each element of the design and build process is created.

With quiet areas for concentration working alongside large collaboration spaces, the relationship of sound travel and acoustic comfort has been considered. Spaces have been broken up using a combination of furniture solutions with integrated planting.

Our heat recovery air conditioning system is zoned over each desk area, giving each individual work group the ability to control the temperature and provision of fresh air over each section of desks. This was proposed as it is more cost effective and saves electricity as the heat is produced from the return air and ensures we are not pumping heat both into and out of the building.

The kitchen area is situated downstairs, encouraging people to get up and away from their desks. With the central dining table, the kitchen becomes a hub of activity, encouraging people to come together from all departments. Whilst there are still meeting rooms, hot office areas and booths to sit in, many of the most beneficial meetings happen in the kitchen while coffee is being made and toast is consumed.

Staff are actively encouraged to take walks or run around the lake during breaks, with the introduction of showers being a must when building the office.

Large deliveries can now be bought in house easily, and stored in the large warehouse facilities, making huge improvements to quality control, waste management and recycling during the running of projects.

“It’s been an amazing, brilliant improvement from where we were, with outstanding office space and facilities. One of the major benefits is the location in Aztec West Business Park, with its landscaped environment I’m very proud of the interior design which has a definite wow factor and is very enjoyable to work in, taking an industrial unit and transforming it to a cutting edge commercial workspace. The design is complemented by the services and mechanical installation, with excellent warehouse access, superfast fibre, air conditioning and heat recovery ventilation” – Mark Brady, Managing Director.

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