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Lab Construction and Installation – Confidential Client

Project Brief

Located in the picturesque Herefordshire countryside, our confidential client was looking to refurbish an existing space to create a client-facing tasting room. Understanding the brief was a priority for a business centred around a collaborative environment and to ensure space to allow customers to move about freely and collaborate, as well as include the use of individual booths for sensory analysis and taste testing!

With 270sqft of space, KastnerLab (McFeggan Brown) designed and installed the complete package from mechanical & electrical services to flooring and laboratory benching.

As this was an important project for bringing customers together, it was successfully signed, sealed, and delivered within the six-week timeframe set, all whilst working around a busy client reception, customers on site tours and a live production environment.

With this laboratory now fitted out with a large central table, mobile under bench storage and individual booths including spittoon sinks, our client can now bring customers to the site to taste their fabulous products within a modern and up-to-date environment!

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