Laboratory Furniture Installation – Pertinax Pharma

Project Brief

Pertinax Pharma is a company based in Bristol who have recently taken one of the laboratories in the “Future Space” business incubator within the UWE complex. This modern facility provides the company with the facilities they need for their work with Chlorhexidine, a proven anti microbial agent used widely to prevent a range of infections, but in its traditional formulation only effective for a very short length of time. Pertinax increases chlorhexidine’s used by improving its persistence where it is applied.

“Pertinax can greatly extend the active lifetime of chlorhexidine, enabling it to provide reliable protection against infection for very much longer than was previously possible. This opens up a range of new potential applications, as well as the opportunity to make existing products more effective,” said Dr Barbour, Chief Scientific Officer.

Pertinax chose the Kastner range of laboratory benching, and as they have plans to rapidly expand from their present quarters within the business incubator, opted for a system of individual mobile benches on castors, which not only allows flexibility in the current layout but will make it a simple matter to move the laboratory benches to new premises when the time is right.

Dr Chris Nicklin, Technical & Scientific Consultant, said:

“The Kastner team provided us with excellent service, from the initial visit to their showroom to discuss our potential needs, through to design & installation. They were flexible and adaptable to the challenges that arose with an installation in a new lab facility, and kept us informed of progress at every step of the way.

Our choice to have largely mobile wheeled bench, drawer and cupboard units gives us great flexibility and should help us future proof the lab. We opted to have coloured cupboard and draw fronts that provide a pleasing contrast to the white walled brightly lit space.”