PhenUtest Diagnostics Ltd

Project Details
2,840 sqft
Start Date
May 2023
9 weeks
Project Brief

PhenUtest Diagnostics – a remarkable company with innovative technology, is designing a new diagnostic system that could reduce the waiting time for an appropriate antibiotic prescription for urinary tract infections from days to minutes.

PhenUtest collaborated with McFeggan Brown and Kastner Lab with a new office and laboratory transformation on the 2nd floor of their building in Bath which started as an existing space with just one meeting room, kitchen area, and toilets.

The decision was made to open up the main floor area and entrance partition to create a more spacious and collaborative working environment. Timber constructed laboratories enabled the incorporation of a uniquely designed service deck which has been a key aspect of the design stage. Installation of all new air conditioning, plumbing and lighting with vinyl and carpet flooring and laboratory benching to fully complete the labs.

The reconfiguration of the toilets, including the addition of a new shower room, shows attention to detail and consideration for the comfort and convenience of the employees. Such facilities can contribute to a better work-life balance and promote the overall job satisfaction of the staff.

Project Portfolio

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