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Time for a laboratory seating upgrade?

KastnerLab is pleased to announce that we are now an approved Bimos distributor of laboratory seating.

Smart, modern, and designed with laboratory use in mind, Bimos seating adds a new dimension to your laboratory.  With many models to offer, and a host of variations, there is something for every laboratory. Whether you are doing routine pipetting or spending hours analysing asbestos under a microscope, we guarantee to have the right ergonomic solution for you.

Choose from the Bimos Neon with its seven adjustments and the choice of footplate or footring, hygienic design and robust construction.
Or the simpler Bimos Labsit. Available with feet or castors, the flexible back of this chair makes for an extremely comfortable seating position.

Both chairs come with a ten year warranty.

Call us today with your enquiry and we will be glad to arrange a demonstration. Tel: 01275 464 220