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Laboratory Design & Fit Out – S A Brain

Project Brief

S A Brain are a renowned brewer of craft beers listing among their production well known favourites such as S A Gold and The Rev. James. Based in Cardiff since 1882, they recently purchased an empty warehouse in which to expand their operations. Naming the new facility the ‘Dragon’ brewery in a gesture to their iconic logo and Welsh heritage, they approached Kastner to design and fit-out their quality control laboratory and analysis room.

Speaking about the project, Laboratory Manager Bill Dobson said ‘Really pleased with the end result of the lab. Fitting process was really straightforward and professionally done and I think the lab looks fantastic. The teams really can’t wait to move here and put it into use.

Having been through the process of designing a new laboratory I would advise that you evaluate all options, our final design here isn’t what we originally envisaged, and it certainly changed with the professional input so I would certainly recommend going to a supplier such as Kastner and evaluate different options and different expertise that they can bring.

If I was to describe Kastner I would say, professional, quality and good value. Kastner have met everything we required over this project.’

With an island unit, 3 sinks and a peninsula with reagent shelving, Brain’s testing staff now have space where they can thrive, analysing the beer for impurities and quality. The ‘Dragon Red’ door fronts are another reminder of Brain’s heritage, providing a bright and uplifting tone to the space.

Preparations are well advanced for the opening of the new brewery. The silos are being water tested shortly and with production due to begin within a few months, the new dragon brewery is humming with activity. By the time everything has been transferred from beneath the chimney of their iconic Crawshay St Siteand the first bottle rolls off the new production line, the testing team will be ready to begin their analysis and ensure their beer can continue to be enjoyed at its current level of excellence!

Here is a video from Bill Dobson, Head Brewer at Brains